A Beginner’s Practical Guide To Feng Shui

Obviously a little organization and a well-appointed environment is going to help you be more productive, positive and effective. But, according to the ancient principles of Feng Shui (pronounced: fung-shway) the way you arrange your home and yourself can help you align your life to the subtle power of the universe.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui as we know it today, is merely the tip of a cultural iceberg that descends 4000 years in human history. The precepts of Fend Shui are based on the balance and flows of energy that work through all things, life, matter and the universe. The term “Feng-Shui” means wind-water and alludes to the importance these flowing elements have in this art and science. The goal of Feng Shui is to improve one’s life so that it is in harmony with nature rather than opposing or blocking the flow of energy.

What You Should Know About Feng Shui

While you don’t have to be a master in Feng Shui practice to enjoy its benefits, understanding a little about the underlying concepts of this way of ordering one’s life is important to facilitating its functions. Here is what you need to know about the fundamentals of Feng Shui

Qi Energy – Qi, or Chi, energy is the life force that flows ceaselessly through all things. In your home, as in your body, you want the flows of energy to be free and fluid. Just like an obstruction of Qi energy in the body can lead to illness, obstructions of Qi in the home can lead to other problems.

The Yin and Yang – Yin and Yang represent the balance of the elements and forces in nature. When yin and yang are balanced, qi can flow strong. Feng Shui seeks to order the elements of your home to improve this balance and avoid obstructing the flows of energy.

The Natural Elements

In order to bring about a natural balance conducive to the unobstructed flow of energy, Feng Shui advises that you consider the way your 5 natural elements are affecting the energy in your home. Fire, earth, wood, metal, water, air and space are the five elements. Depending on where these are placed in the house, using the information found in a “Ba-gua” these elements can have different effects.

The Bagua

The Bagua is a chart that maps out the home and the important energy points, called “guas”, in relation to the four points of the compass. This chart allows you to make adjustments to your natural elements in order to improve adjust of your energy flow. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, this can be applied to affect certain aspects of your life including:

  • Power and abundance
  • Fame and reputation
  • Love and relationships
  • Creativity and legacy
  • Compassion and travel
  • Self and work
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Family and community
  • Wellbeing and vitality

While all of this is very complex and the details involved could fill books, and they do, the principals are fairly simple to understand. Basically, there is a place for everything and your life will flow much easier if everything is in its proper place. Because the energies are in constant motion, things need to be situated to allow for this motion to run its natural course.

Improving the Function of Your Home and Environment

You can hire a seasoned Feng Shui master to some over to your home, office or commercial location and perform a full inspection and make many valuable recommendations. But, you can also begin the practice yourself with a few simple pointers.

1. Visualize Your Flow of Qi?

Imagine your home being flooded with a great flow of energy that enters your front door. What will happen when it enters the house? If your furniture is arranged in a way to block this flow you could be adversely affecting the flow of energy. Walk around the house with this in mind and make adjustments as you go.

2. Fix the Lights

Proper lighting is important to the energy of the home so make sure all your fixtures have bulbs and that softer tones are used for accent lighting while brighter fluorescent options are reserved for the work space.

3. Feng Shui Energy Centers

There are some points in the home that function as an important gate or crossing ground for energy. The front door is an especially important place for the flow of energy and must be kept clean and clear and organized. Never leave garbage bags to pile up outside of the front door.

4. Pick Up Clutter take out Dead plants

Plants are a great way to improve energy and enhance the flow of energy, but not if they are dead. Dying plants and clutter are effective barriers to the flow of energy and should be taken out immediately. Don’t allow that pile of magazines and newspapers stack up in the hallway.

5. Bedrooms

Position your bed so that your feet do not point to the door. Ancient tradition requires that the dead are carried out of the door feet first, and that is not a connection you want to make. Keep your headboard to the wall for stability and better rest.

6. Offices

In the office, your desk should be centric and allow for the flows of energy to move freely around them. You don’t want to sit with your back to the door either, this is a poor use of the beneficial flows of energy.

7. Bathrooms

Check for drips and leaks and stop these up quickly. Also, make sure you keep the toilet seat and lid shut. According to tradition, money is associated with water and as water drains away so will your hard earned cash.

By following the aforementioned pointers and practical adjustments, you will greatly enhance the flow of energy through your home. If you still feel your home is lacking in positive energy add some Feng Shui cures to the locations. This can include a well-placed plant, crystals and never underestimate the power of a strategically placed mirror.

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