Why Is National Mammography Day Important?

National Mammography Day happens every third Friday in October and is a part of Breast Cancer Awareness month. This simple x-ray is one of the most important survival mechanisms available to women around the world.

To highlight the importance of mammograms and why it’s important to get one annually, National Mammography Day acts as a wonderful reminder.

Millions of women have survived breast cancer due to an early mammogram. It’s an integral part of the diagnosis process and also helps prevent inaction.

Here is a look at some of the main reasons mammograms are important and why National Mammography Day is celebrated.

Importance of Mammograms:

1.Early Detection for Breast Cancer
Approximately 1 out of 8 women suffer from breast cancer.

This demonstrates how common the condition is and why it’s important to take it seriously. Women that take the time to get a mammogram done annually after the age of 40 increase their chances of survival.

It’s easier to pick up on potential medical issues when the x-ray is taken. This helps with detecting signs of breast cancer well in advance ensuring a customized treatment plan can be put into action immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it gets to treat the condition.

With a simple decision such as getting a mammogram, you can save your own life.

2.Reduces Chances of Death
Research shows a timely mammogram increases the chances of survival for breast cancer patients. It ensures the breast cancer doesn’t spread throughout the body and can be treated right away.

By taking action quickly, it’s easier to reduce the chances of death in breast cancer patients. It’s recommended to get the mammogram done annually and ensure you are on top of your health at all times.

This includes physical checks by pressing against the breast tissue and checking for hardness or lumps.

3.Peace of Mind
It’s important to recognize how important mental health is for women.

Getting the mammogram done allows you to relax and know you’re in good health. This is a step in the right direction and it should not be taken lightly.

This is why National Mammography Day is celebrated as it encourages women to get a mammogram done.

4.Completes Diagnosis
Mammograms are a part of the diagnostic process and serve a purpose during all stages of the medical process for breast cancer patients.

For this reason alone, mammograms play an important role in helping patients survive and lead healthy lives. It’s an underrated part of modern medicine and should be a part of your approach to staying healthy too.

Final Thoughts
National Mammography Day has an important role to play in breast cancer awareness.

It illustrates the importance of getting a mammogram done annually. By being proactive and understanding the chances of breast cancer in women, it’s easier to get out in front of the problem.

Many breast cancer patients have survived the condition by catching it early. This demonstrates how vital it is to act fast and make sure to follow through with annual mammograms.

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