Tips For Saving Money this Summer

From vacations in exotic locations to blockbuster movies, summer is a season where we want to do it all. In reality, however, we cannot afford to do everything during the good ‘ole summertime. If you’re looking to make 2021’s summer a season for the books, consider these simple and straightforward money-saving tips to help you make the most of your money. Consider these tips to save money this summer:

1. Change Your Air Filter

Dirty or clogged air filters make cooling your home less efficient. This, in turn, makes indoor cooling more expensive. Replacing air filters is usually overlooked as it does not seem like a pressing issue. Do it now, and you will thank your effective AC unit later.

2. Cook Outside

Cooking indoors increases the temperature substantially, which in turn overworks your AC unit. Given the good weather, why not make cooking outside, like grilling, a tradition this season? There are numerous free outdoor cooking recipes that you can try this summer. If you don’t have a grill, you can always visit your local store or order one online.

3. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water

Did you know that over 70% of the energy you utilize doing a load of laundry is from heating the water? You don’t have to use hot water for your clothes to get clean. In fact, using hot water puts a substantial strain on your clothes, which reduces their lifetime. To save even more money, consider drying your clothes outside. Failure to take advantage of the sun is just a waste of money.

4. Consolidate Trips to the Grocery Store

Doing this will help reduce the amount of money you spend on gas. However, the real savings come from getting rid of trips to the store. Most of us waste gas by driving to the store, only to grab one item. So, switch things up this summer by planning ahead and creating a list to remind you what you need. By the end of the season, this habit will have saved you more money than you think.

5. Buy Essentials Before Camping or Vacationing

There’s nothing worse than getting to your vacation or camping location, only to realize you forgot several summer necessities. So, before you leave, ensure you create a list of your camping or vacation essentials and shop for them in your local store or online. The last thing you want is to spend more than necessary for that sunblock on a gift shop. Avoid waiting until the last minute as it usually leads to overspending. Some of the essentials you may need for your trip include toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, shampoo, bug spray, wet wipes, a first aid kit, hair ties, flashlight, laundry detergent, and earplugs.

6. Sell Items You No Longer Need

Doing this will not only help you save money this summer but also make some more. Take advantage of the warm weather and longer daylight hours by setting up a garage sale. Also, you can clear your closet and hold an online sale on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and eBay!

You can do many things to save money during summer, but these are some of the most effective. Not to mention they are simple and easy to implement.

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