Reasons Why a COVID-19 Long-Hauler Should Acquire Life Insurance

It’s no secret the havoc that the COVID-19 pandemic has left in its wake since its advent as it continues to claim lives all over the world. And this is especially the case for the elderly demographic who are more susceptible to the virus. With folk above the age of 55 years being more at risk of contracting this deadly disease, it has left the majority of them unable to work or secure any job. And with the current tough economic times, particularly for the elderly and those recently retired with no stable source of income, it begs the question, Should COVID-19 Long-Haulers Get Life Insurance? Generally, long-term COVID-19 elicits many policy issues.

Here are some reasons why a COVID-19 long-hauler should acquire life insurance:

Pre Existing Conditions
Persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 are under the threat of having their health insurance denied. There’s a time when a person may need to prove that COVID-19 is the underlying reason for their lung disease or heart complication and not just the age factor. Considering how the virus has been associated with damaging the brain, lungs, and heart, a positive test result can be used to contend that a person had had an underlying condition – COVID-19 – to reject claims to a person who later contracted a disease linked to one of the afflicted organs.

Insurers can use this as a basis to deny health insurance coverage to low-income American long-haulers. Having a life insurance policy can help weather this potential storm.

Uncertain Numbers
The number of people that can be classified as COVID-19 long-haulers is uncertain, and part of the major issue. Not much is yet known about the experiences that COVID-19 long-haulers suffer. Also, considering that low-income American residents don’t go to the hospital after exhibiting COVID symptoms, the data available about their situation, like gender, age, medical history and illnesses aren’t available.

And without this concrete, black and white information and data, patients exhibiting lingering symptoms of the virus can find it difficult to prove that their ailment is COVID-related. With so many uncertain numbers with regard to long COVID-19, if you show symptoms and have not returned to your normal health state after two to three weeks after getting tested, you should really think about getting a life insurance policy just to be safe.

Final Word
The virus is continually mutating even with the readily available vaccines and booster shots. This is why it’s so crucial that the elderly demographic are protected both health-wise and financially and getting life insurance can go a long way in ascertaining exactly that.

As we traverse the second phase of 2021 and deal with the lambda and delta variants of the coronavirus, safeguarding your ongoing ability to have insurance coverage has become more important than ever before. The best part about this period is that the cost of getting a life insurance policy is very low and is affordable for most people. You can be certain that you’ll get a package that matches your needs. If you are a COVID-19 Long-Hauler, you should really think about purchasing a life insurance policy.


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