Packing A Picnic Basket For The Whole Family

With kids being home from school and parents changing their normal working habits, a lot of families are looking for other ways to spend their time besides being glued to screens all day. Since going places can be challenging as a result of COVID-19, a backyard picnic with the kids is one way to keep the kids entertained all while providing a “change of scenery”. Here are the best tips for packing a picnic basket for a backyard picnic with your family.

1. Pack The Basket Strategically

Things such as blanket, tablecloth, reusable plates, napkins, utensils for eating and serving should be packed at the top of the basket since they are essential items. That way, you can access them easily when you are setting up the picnic. They should be packed last in the basket.

Any blanket works perfectly as picnic blanket but if the backyard is a little damp, you should choose a blanket with waterproof backing. Also, if you live in beachfront property with your backyard in the beach, you should bring a blanket that’s sand proof.

Also, cloth napkins are more preferable to paper napkins. First, they will not blow up in the wind like paper napkins. Secondly, they are environmentally friendly because they are easily washable. You can use them to mop up any spills or wipe your kids faces. Even better, you can use them to protect your lap as you eat.

2. Plan A Good Picnic Menu

Since you will be eating outdoors, make sure that you bring food that doesn’t melt or spoil in the sun. You can’t go wrong with some vegetarian options. You might be tempted to bring food that requires a lot of prep but simple food is the best idea. Make sure you bring foods that are full of nutrients for your kids. Here are some amazing ideas of the best foods to bring for a picnic in your backyard with the kids.

• Pasta salads with a variety of toppings are a great option. Not only are you sneaking in fruits and vegetables, pasta salads hold up well in picnic baskets.

• Fruit roll ups are a great, sweet and nutritious option that won’t take up too much space in your basket or get bruised.

• Cheese and crackers are a great appetizer. You should choose hard cheese that will not melt in the heat.

• Lemon bars for dessert. Rather than bringing chocolate dessert that is likely going to melt in the sun, lemon bars are one great option!

Snacks are also a great idea for your backyard picnic. You will end up spending more time outdoors. Some amazing snacks for your picnic include edamame, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, nuts, coconut shavings, sandwiches, fruits and much more.

Your kids will love having their favorite foods outdoors in their backyard. Make sure you pack as much as you need so you don’t keep going back into your kitchen for more.

3. Don’t Forget About Refreshments

For your picnic, drinks are also as important as the food you bring. Don’t forget to bring water for the picnic because you can stay hydrated. Even better, you can use it to wash your hands before eating food. If your kids are younger, you can bring some fruit juices and soft drinks. If they are older, you can bring a few beers or wine to spice up the backyard picnic.

Here are some great ideas for refreshments to bring to your backyard picnic with the kids.

• Light lemonade – You can mix lemon juice and water then freeze it in an ice cube tray. When drinking, you can add the cubes to your water to bring out a simple and healthy lemonade drink. Your kids will love taking it outside in their backyard with the rest of the family.

• Orange sparklers are also a great idea. If your kids love the bubbling of a soft drink, you can add orange juice to sparkling water to create a fizz with less sugar.

• Infused water is a great refreshment for your backyard picnic. Herb or fruit infused water is a little lighter and will keep everyone hydrated in the picnic. Besides, your kids will love mixing the flavors to create their own specialty drinks.

With the hot weather, make sure you pack a lot of refreshments to keep everyone properly hydrated as you enjoy spending quality time with the family in your backyard.

4. Other Essentials

Now that you have covered the food and the refreshments, there are a few things you need to bring to ensure that everyone is having fun in the sun in your backyard.

• Sunscreen – You can apply sunscreen on everyone before going out and bring an extra bottle so you don’t have to keep going back inside for it. Remember, you don’t want to nurse sunburns after the amazing picnic in your backyard with the kids.

• Don’t forget to bring hats because even with the sunscreen, your kids need to be protected from the hot sun outdoors.

• Sunglasses also bring out a great vibe and your kids will love wearing them outside in the picnic.

• Since it’s summer, don’t forget to bring out the bug repellant. Certainly, you don’t want to deal with nasty bug bites during the picnic.

• A beach umbrella is also a good set up for your backyard picnic. Your kids will definitely love the shade.

• Baby wipes will help clean up and wipe your kids faces after eating. They are a great idea to avoid the mess.


5. Activities To Enjoy With Your Backyard Picnic

Besides eating, there are a few activities you should enjoy in your picnic. You can bring a portable Bluetooth speaker and have a dance session in your backyard. Even better, you can have a casual sporting activity with balls. You can play hide and seek, hop scotch and other games. Even better, your kids would love a scavenger hunt in the backyard. These are great ideas to keep your kids engaged during the lockdown period.

A backyard picnic with these many ideas will be successfully. Tick everyone of the boxes mentioned here and enjoy a great picnic with your family.

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