6 Reasons To Buy Life Insurance This Summer

1. Age

The longer you wait to buy life insurance, the older you get. The older you get the more likely your insurance rates are to go up. To avoid this price inflation, buy life insurance now, while you’re younger, and try to find a life insurance program that will allow you to set a lifetime rate. You’d be amazed at how much less expensive life insurance is when you’re younger and many policies won’t go up as long as you keep making your premium.

2. More Accidents Happen In The Summer

Summertime is the ideal time for families to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, this also means an increased likelihood of accidents. When people are out having fun camping, hiking, waterskiing, or doing other sports, the likelihood of an accident increases exponentially. There is also more likelihood of a vehicular accident as more cars and campers are out on the road.

3. Summer Is the Slow Season

Insurance companies see a huge surge of business in the fall and winter months. When you buy life insurance in the summer months you’re more likely to get the agent’s full attention as they are far less likely to have other clients on their minds. You’ll get better service and possibly even better rates if you buy in the off-season.

4. College Planning

An additional benefit of life insurance is that you can often borrow against it for expenses such as college planning. This can help you to reduce expenses later as you’ll be paying into the college fund with your life insurance payments. When the time comes you’ll have plenty of money for college by borrowing against your life insurance.

5. Building Cash Value

Many people see life insurance as a way to build up their cash value. A lot of life insurance policies are designed so that you can borrow against them and use the money in any way that you like. Your insurance agent can go over these types of policies with you and help you to design the ideal policy for your specific needs.

6. Peace of Mind

Life insurance will give you peace of mind that should anything happen to you your family will be covered. It’s enough for your family to have to grieve and go through the funeral costs and losing you. Life insurance will make sure that they have the funds to properly bury you and continue living in the family home. You’ll know that your family will be okay and not quite so stressed if you buy life insurance now.

Life insurance can offer many great benefits and it’s important to consider all of your options before you purchase a life insurance policy.

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