2022 Life Insurance Updates

In 2021, many people decided to get vaccinated for COVID-19, which has led to more employees heading back into the office and the beginning of a long road to economic recovery in the US. With that said, some are still afraid for their health, and this has led to an increase in health insurance applications. Now, as 2022 approaches, there are some changes and trends one may want to keep up on, including the following updates.

  1. It is expected that insurance companies will be more transparent about how client data is used. Each year, more people begin to focus on securing their information and keeping it out of the wrong hands. Knowing this and offering this information without being asked will be a critical factor in insurance providers gaining consumer trust.
  2. Higher claims are expected for 2022, especially with the introduction of various mutations of COVID-19. As a result, the cost of insurance premiums may be on the rise. There are some companies that have plans to use a company reserve, so the impact on consumers may not be significant, but the likelihood of there being no boost in costs is improbable.
  3. While technology is constantly changing and many people are trying their best to embrace it, there are others who miss the personal feeling of human-to-human contact as it pertains to customer relations. You may notice that there will be two large changes in how consumer issues are handled.

There will be some companies that boost their technological efforts and implement more chatbots and things of that nature, but there will be others that begin to focus more on traditional customer service. This means that it is expected some current customers may end up looking for another provider if they feel their needs are not being met.

Many people do not realize this, but climate change has an enormous impact on insurance. When temperatures rise more than expected, it increases the chances of natural disasters occurring, meaning more claims will be made. As you already know, more claims mean that there is a chance that costs will increase. Since there is no way to predict when and how many incidents may occur accurately, there really is no way to tell how much of a financial impact this may have in 2022.

Unfortunately, inflation has increased the cost of countless products and services in 2021. If this continues at the same pace, most insurers can expect some changes in their premiums. While more people are expected to purchase new policies in 2022, this will not balance provider profits and consumer costs, so you should plan on paying more for insurance.

While this may all seem negative, the reality is that the life insurance industry has been doing reasonably well since the start of the pandemic. If you plan to go into the next year with a current or prospective insurance company on your side, make sure that you keep all of this information in mind.


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