15 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

One important tip for keeping your long-term relationship alive is by courting your partner even after you are married. Well, this sounds like going out on dates and vacations together, but some situations don’t allow this. When kids come into the equation and responsibilities increase, you might not have the money to go for the fancy dates and vacations. However, you do not have to do this as you can get creative and design a perfect stay at home date night that will give you and your partner ample time to reignite the spark and have fun. Here are some ideas;

1. Play A Game

We all love game nights. It is a fun activity you can enjoy with your partner. Get a bottle of wine, a chessboard, or any other game, and challenge each other to a bet. Card games are also an alternative option, or you can switch to the digital games on consoles if you are both into it.

2. Turn off the Power and Get Creative

We are all attached to electricity and cannot live without it. However, devices powered by electricity such as TV, mobile phones and computers distract us. You can pretend that there is no power for some time and have a candlelit dinner with your better half. If you have a fireplace, light it up and make stories while sipping on your favorite wine.

3. Make Dinner Together

When was the last time you helped out in the kitchen? Making dinner with your better half can be the right activity to help you connect and ignite your emotions. Do you remember the special dish you made for her before you got married? Offer to make it for her as she helps you around or sits watching you make it. Special meals made by couples are an excellent idea for a stay at home date night.

4. Have a Mini Picnic

If you have a great yard, this can turn out to be an excellent stay at home date idea. Lay a blanket, bring a lantern, and enjoy dinner, a dessert, or a drink while watching the stars. You may want to do this when the weather is favorable. Times, when couples are isolated like this, gives them a perfect opportunity to have fun and bond.

5. Make a Craft Together

Do you remember that thing your partner liked to work on back in the days? Get a craft that you both enjoy doing and tackle it together at night. It could be a small project at home or something you came up with for fun.

6. Transform your Bedroom

You can change your bedroom into a fancy hotel and enjoy your time there. We all like going to the best hotels, but did you know that you can enjoy this experience at home. Light a few scented candles around the room, turn on some soft music, and get a bottle of champagne. Get your favorite meat and have it coupled with chocolates and a sweet dessert. Get a few flower petals and sprinkle them on your bed. In the morning, make breakfast and serve it in bed to extend the date night to the next day.

7. Home SPA

SPAs with your better half are relaxing save for the hefty price tag. You can set up a home SPA and enjoy the experience with your partner. Get into SPA robes and slippers. Make face masks and body scrubs for the SPA date. Get skincare routines and do them with your partner while you make conversation.

8. Make A Foreign Themed Dinner

This is a great idea that can curb wanderlust. Pick a destination you wanted to travel to so bad and make a dinner inspired by this place. You can always get the recipes on the internet and learn to make this foreign delicacy together.

9. Enjoy Karaoke Night

This is one of the most enjoyable date night ideas. Get a collection of your favorite songs and sing them out with your partner. You can get a lot of karaoke version songs on YouTube.

10. Movie Night

You can decide to watch one or go for a movie marathon. Pick a genre and get the place ready for this time. Watch as many as you can while snacking on popcorn and some drinks. If you fall asleep in between, you can always pick it up in the morning.

11. Have A Tasting Party

Do you have a collection of drinks in your place? You can enjoy date night by having a tasting party where you get to have a little of all the drinks available. Make sure to buy a wide variety of drinks and savor the flavors with your better half.

12. Take a Bubble Bath.

Most of us have bathtubs that we rarely use. One stay at home date night idea can be to take a bubble bath with your better half. Take a break from the everyday routine and slow down things, light up a few candles, and relax in a bubble bath with your better half.

13. Have a Video Game Marathon

If your better half is into video games, you can take on a marathon together. Better still, you can teach them how to play games and then challenge them. There are lots of games to choose from today, and all you have to do is to find the best one. Game night is perfect for improving your bond and connection.

14. Fight Night

Fights are not always good, but you can transform them into a fun activity for date night. They boost your adrenaline and mimic the feeling of falling in love. Typical ideas for a fight night include water gun fights, pillow fights, and food fights, among others.

15. Review Your Time Together

Most people get engaged and live their lives without taking stock of how their relationship has been. This is a good idea for date night as you can sit and relax with your partner and remember all the things that highlight your relationship. It is excellent to reminisce about all these moments and chart a proper plan for the future.

Ideas for stay at home date nights are numerous, and it all goes down to your creativity and what things you will enjoy doing. You do not have to break the bank for you to enjoy time with your better half as you can do it home.

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